22 December 2010

A verry merry Christmas to us!

After two trips walk/working up at Lake Waikaremoana I had some friends join me in the office on trip number three to show them what I do for some coin... Not bad. They even made the sacrifice of missing Christmas at Kaituna which is always a good weekend of boating, swimming, bending, etc.. But with impeccable timing, we hustled the crew from the lake and made it back from the trip to not even make it into the door before throwing gear into the car to go creeking.
Nick, Sanga, Flick, me, Louise, and Harmony at the Lake

For me it was my first Kaimai experience, a crew of 12, putting on at 6pm, super clean and classic (even if it was on the low side of good) Tuakopae bomb sesh! It would be hard not to have an ear to ear smile on your face after that!

With not to much more rain the next morning we headed back north for another gem up there, the Waipapa. Beautiful little creek with mist and rain giving it a real jungle feel, a few nice 20footers tucked away in there amongst some boulder gardens and slides. Not bad for Christmas time in the North island!
B on Gism falls

Me in some so called Mank

Sanga lining up the entrance to Mojo Gorge, about to give the slut some rock in the face. Injury one

Berno enjoying his firs Kaimai run, on the exit of Mojo Gorge.

After another fast food stop we started to make plans for day three of our Christmas tour, tossing up whether to head east or south or maybe even back north... After watching gauges, forecasts and just getting fevered up we decided to head south for the Turakino... fail! We were a day late for that one, but it wasn't a bad reccy and we did find a pretty sweet drop just up the road from Waikato Gorge. So we scouted, and while everyone else got dressed, Berno and I decided whether or not it was worth it, and after some sweet beats, we made a split decision.

Not a bad sign when your looking for waterfalls! Just needed a 'pissing down with rain' sign right next to it.

We got fully geared up, Willz, Tyler, and I put on and made our way through the little entrance gorge and off a sweet 25-30ft spout! It had a bit of a tight lead in, not hard, just tight, and a couple of trees just left of the landing so the plan was to be right and pretty flat. The result being right and dead flat and I was giving the slut boat a go and i blew her to pieces on landing.. may she finally rest in peace! Thanks slut for being there when we were all too tinny to buy our own boat and to Josh for sharing her. She sure did get around!

Manfox on the Slut fucker... we aren't actually sure on the name for this one but it's responsible for the final blow.

Happy Christmas!