31 August 2007

random sea kayak mission

Phil, Derry, Hopsie (Soph W), Ryan (American), Crusher (Dave) went for a cheeky overnighter to Little Port Cooper Bay in Lyttelton Harbour.

whats that? got urself some sweet weather!

the vehicles at rest, looking out to Godley Head from Little Port Cooper

crusher taking the first strokes of the new day.

Derry paddling past a mint arch.

Some of the crew. left to right- derry, dave, ryan

hunting for the wild mountaineer

sweet vid from a mission up temple basin. we tried climbing mt temple via temple buttress but conditions were poos, so we made videos instead! (crusher, flynn, derry)

27 August 2007

Rangitata Gorge

This is a little sumtin sumtin from the weekend.

It started off with a few beers and turned into a nite full of heavy discussions about politics, society, and most importantly, kayaking. Followed by an early morning it was up to the Rangitata for some big water action in the beautiful weather.

For this trip we could only rustle up one car load, so keen as we are, we paddled up-stream to the bottom of the gorge and then walked up to the top along a farm track. All in all this took about an hour and a half before we put on already shattered.
What a way to spend a Sunday!!

23 August 2007


Here is about all the skating footage we've got. Its from dunedin and its mup and jamie

16 August 2007

West Coast Winter mission 2007

Its July, known to be the most depressing month of the year, its freezing cold, snow and ice is making travelling marginnal......what sounds better than going kayaking for a week???? The first lot of us set off and set up camp at Lake Mahinapua (10 minutes from Hokitika). All that can be said for this night was that it was colder than we had thought, therefore making it the first and last night there before surrendering to the much warmer Hoki campground.

Lake Mahinapua DOC campsite

The first river the crew of Chee, Jared, Angus and Soph headed off to do was the lower Toaroha. This was a good warm up run and was a good day out. The next day this same crew did the lower Kakapotahi. This was a new run to some of us and a good run for a rest from walking in! The put in however was a bit of a mission! Another fun day but the conclusion reached was that a bit more water would have made it more worthwhile. Meanwhile the rest of the crew has arrived and are ripping it up on the lower Toaroha!

Soph and Gus traipsing it up a frosty slope on a portage of the lower Kakapotahi.

The next day we decided to head into the Lower Arahura and drop into the gorge some of us had walked away from earlier in the year. This turned out to be a good call and all had an exciting yet intimidating time in the lower gorge.

Put in for Arahura, unfortunately this machine could not navigate the next part of the washed out 4wd track so a 2 hour walk was still ahead of us.

Jamie dropping into the lower Arahura Gorge.

Another excellent day out! The crew is buzzing after the latest dose of adrenhaline so an easy decision is reached for the next day. A chopper trip into the lower Whataroa. Yeya!

We rise early and get the go ahead for thwe days antics. A bit of a long drive to the pick up spot but the crew is amped up for the day ahead. We preapre ourselves for a long day on the river and wait excitedly for the chopper. I always say pictures say more than words so.....

Gary and Berno taking off.

Chee and Gus looking pretty happy with themselves.

Soph going off the first drop.

Chee going off drop....sweet boof!

Berno in the midst of it all

The crew: Berno, Jamie, Gary, Chee, Sanga, Soph, Leela and Gus (behind camera)

Sanga, final drop of day and still looking fine!

Berno et al on paddle back to car

After another amazing West Coast day we head back to the campground pack up camp and head back home.................until next time!

Bluebird day at Porters

Josh and Jamie at the top of Porters. 15-8-07

Jamie at top of Porters looking down in the direction of Lake Coleridge
Some dude(Mup) crumbling under the pressure of the camera nad falling off the rainbow

Jamie stomping a down box

A great day was had by all.

8 August 2007

CPIT Level 6 Kayak

Here are a couple of pictures of the level 6 kayak crew on our week intensive over on the coast, we paddled the Murchison area then the Glennroy and Stix. The rivers were spectacular to paddle and the scenery just as good.
A great gauge for the Glennroy is the Rock on the upstream side of the bridge at the get out, if its just covered its premo flow.

Top rapid of the two main rapids on the Glennroy.

Bottem tear of the top rapid.


The team scouting and learing about the rapid.

The look into the distane by the CPIT level 6 kayak crew just before the Stix walk in.

Garry stomping one of the many awsome drops on the Stix.

Jamie dropping another of the awsome drops the Stix has to offer

7 August 2007

Ashley Gorge


image-Sam Roil

In the week end we did a wee mish up the Ashley in low flow and found out that its not all that bad. 10 cummecs was enough water to provide a good 4 hour trip. This spot was perfect for practicing boofs and we played around here for nearly an hour as there was a good beach on river R.
image- Chee