28 February 2011

Why so serious?!?

A small edit of some mates and I doing some jumps, trying to gain super hero status some other way other than kayaking because it's been a bit dry recently... it didn't really end well for me but Ryan Lucas is still shredding trying to out do me before my face heals!
Good times in Okere Massive!

17 February 2011

Making ends meet..

NZ River Series - Wainui River from Five2Nine Productions on Vimeo.

Finally this season has had some good boating for me. Work has been fitting in with the cyclones nicely allowing me to get on those rain runs. The Wainui being one of the favorites thus far. That was a little video that Tyler put together from some of the boys' footage. Can't wait for the next storm! Until then, here are some pictures from Lake Waikaremoana where I get to make ends meet....