15 July 2010

West Cherry Creek ness

Back to West Cherry, a little later than normal and I swear it was way hotter this time around but just as cool! Team Kiwi adopted in a couple of extras this trip, or maybe it was the other way around, but somehow Evan and Gringo got stuck with us for a road trip. After much mucking around in the Coloma eddy, we made our way to the put in for West Cherry, the same one as last year because there was talk of a few of the boys running Graceland... exciting as! And it wouldn't be normal without Mum throwing a tanty, this time the issue wasn't as serious as a hole in the oil pan, just low levels of the old petrol.. lucky for us we have a team mechanic, recommended for these trips that take you out into the middle of nowhere although they aren't really good for much else, they just grizzle....
Brads makeshift petrol pump. Photo - Toni George

So we ended up arriving a little later than planned so we camped at the trail head and introduced ourselves to the mongrel mozzies.

After about 5 miles of hiking, no one was feeling to fresh anymore. But what an amazing view! Photo - Josh Neilson

True to their word with Evan leading the charge a few of the boys fired up the monster of a put in slide!
Evan hitting mach ten! Photo - Toni George

Brad catching saweeeet air! Photo - Toni George

Last but not least, Brendon firing up the monster! Photo - Toni George

There were some cool slides and drops from there down to the standard put in but a couple of us (me and Sanga) were just too ruined to carry our boats up if we weren't running the big dog but Toni sure knows how to show the boys what's up.

Toni showing us how its done after 6 or 7 miles of torturous hiking with out boats.
Photo - Jamie Garrod

From there down to camp was a little disappointing with the semi lowish flow the mank was really manky and we didn't get any photos until we reached our much awaited camp where we met up with our photographers Josh and Rach, and our mascot Gringo!

Everyone jealous of Brad with his mozzie net. Photo - Josh Neilson

After one of the most disrupted sleeps from bugs, we awoke only to run a choice section of white water for breakfast.

Me scoring between the goalposts. Photo - Toni George

Brendon making it look nice and easy.. again. Photo - Toni George

Evan on Charlie Beavers Mega Rapid. Photo - Toni George

The contingent of walkers.. Photo - Toni George

Another successful trip with Gringo as happy as ever ready for the next adventure!
Photo - Toni George

On the way to Three Rivers we did the whole tourist thing and had a look around at more granite in Yosemite. Photo - Toni George

Mum looking good and heading off into the sunset. Photo - Josh Neilson

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