2 July 2010

south silver beatdown

Soooo where to start? South Silver, a little on the juicy side, got beaten to within seconds of my life to put it one way.

Nick, 'Cobba', Sanga and I all put on in the wicked sun, excited and ready for the fun that is South Silver. We started out awesomely with some super fun laps on auto barn, Sanga wasn't having a great time and got stuck in the hole at the bottom of auto barn in the middle of a freight train, and surfed the crap out of it... being narrowly missed by Nick and Cobba flying through. It was pretty fun with our camera/ support crew running down the side getting some sweet shots of the day. We had to video cameras and Jordy was taking snaps.

The freight train down auto barn

Cobba on rapid two

me on boof boof slide

Nick in the tea cups

Nose job.. 5 min before beat down time.

Not for from here is the take out and there is just some wee slides so usually pretty chill, but this certain sunday, I got owned. There is a cool wee rapid called triple bypass because you skirt round 3 holes, they are just super uniform, and sticky at our particular flow. I was at the back and was looking good for the first two, and then on the last hole I stopped and there was no way I was surfing out, and I wasn't going to get pulled out because our support crew had at this stage abandoned us, so I pulled tab! That didn't work either, I tried everything, Nick and Cobba had both gotten out of their boats and Nick had thrown 3 ropes to me and I wasn't at the surface long enough for him to hit me or to get a breath. By this stage I had totally given up and thats when I flushed luckily enough and Cobba pulled me to the side moaning, spewing, and coughing in fetal for about half an hour before I could stand up and get ferried to the other side and go home... not too fun at all. Other then that it was a fun day though!

Since then I have given it a pretty good shot at getting back on the horse getting a run on Golden gate with a crew of 10 kiwi's and just got off a South Merced trip but unfortunately passing up a trip on Royal Gorge because I just was to scared.

Let the good times roll!

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