19 May 2009

Fourdice Creek aka the boat breaker!

We had our first big day yesterday with two broken boats, Berno crumpled the nose of his and Shannon cracked the hull of his. To add to this we had two swims out of the bottom of the same drop.. but all of that aside, it was still had a primo day on the river! The day started at 6am where we drove 20min up a 4wd track 2miles until we couldn't get passed the snow, then walked up and over a saddle for another 4 or 5 miles with our gear. Even though there was a bit of distance, it was definitly worth it for the snow-boating!

On the other side of the saddle we jumped on/in our boats and slid down the track in the 4wd rutts down the last 1.5-2 miles, by this stage I was naked because hiking in full kayak gear was far too hot to be busting our ass' in the scorching Californian sun. I just wrapped my long johns around my waist like a loin cloth to save Shannons eyes and it was good to go! We finally caught up with Berno and Josh at lake fourdice, waited for the irish pair and paddled the flat water for about a mile to the dam, walked around it, and finally put on the river.

Berno at Lake Fordyce after the walk

Doing some walking in the snow around the dam at the top of the creek

Irish Graeme on the first rapid of the day.
This sweet long slide that got everyone really excited...

Berno on his big slide! This is were he went deep and let the Mystic use its powers to cusion the hit...result being a crumpled nose.

Josh stomping the one and only ledge drop of the day!

From here there were a few other sweet rapids before the we started busting a move to get off the water before nightfall. Much to our disgust the rapids became less-clean, and with a tired team we were all stoaked to reach the lake signaling the end of a huge day!

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Josh Neilson said...

Sweet that u got fordyce! Looks like 'atomic peton' where berno broke his boat.! Aptly named huh! Chur