16 May 2009

South branch of the Middle fork of the Feather

For the last couple of days Berno, Joshy, and myself traveled down to the South Branch where we camped for two nights to experience heaven. When people ask why travel so far just to go kayaking sometimes it is hard to explain. Why travel to California though? Because it is packed with gems like the South Branch! This is the kind of run that you can't find back home in NZ. With a gradual warm up with some shallow boulder gardens, the gradient picks up, and before you know it you come around the corner and there's a super clean 15 footer which sets the scene for the rest of the day.
Josh Clarke getting some air under his boat

Once it started, the goods just kept coming until the end of the run. With this being our first run on South Branch, at each horizon line came more excitement. With the rock type over here being granite, it offers a totally diferent style of boating to back home which is primo.

Me gettin my boof on

Josh in Disney Land

Bernard Oliver droppin into the white

Me gettin some air time


This was one of my favorites on the run. Hard left, boof, and make the eddy before the 50ft portage. This was in the section where you look upstream and there are waterfalls as far as you can see and looking downstream you are looking off of the edge of the world. An amazing place!

Me on the second to last drop

Another amazing thing about this run was that at the take out there is a super clean 50 footer. Super cool to run, amazing free-fall, and the end of my paddle (snapped on day two). Lucky its the last drop on the run!
Josh Clarke with the tuck to end the day!