22 May 2009


Woop woop! Little white goodness right there...

There was not a lot running in California this week with everything running either too high or too low. So we made the 13 hour drive up to Hood River and across the Columbia River to the Little White Salmon. Turns out we caught it at a really good flow and that it really does take a while to piece it together for the first time. The run started out quite bouldery with plenty of wood to keep you on your toes before the character changes and you in a primo bedrock gorge. There were plenty of really nice clean drops with a gradient that never stops dropping!

Hayden Bateman

Josh Clarke on Wishbone

Berno on Spirit Falls

Me paddling my ass off to get out of the cave behind Spirit Falls.
Just off line and I got swallowed at the bottom and spat out again in the cave... not so good times.

Me on another one of the many drops
For our first day in Hood River this was a sweet run to introduce us to the area. It offered some similar characteristics to what we have in NZ with the bouldery start, and it had something totally new with the big waterfalls!

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