10 May 2009

car is sorted!

Well... after spending a day in the sun in the parking lot of some super market putting in new shock absorbers, a cruisy run on the north american river that I forgot the name of, and a beer session of fitting the van with some bomber roofracks we are sorted for two months of boating!
With us being as cheap as we are we decided to fix the problems with our car ourselves. It turns out that doing this in a foreign country where you know no one and own no tools is not as easy as we anticipated. We ended up spending close to a full day chasing down parts and tools to finish the job and if it wasnt for the boys that were bored across the road in there workshop lending us their tools and area we may have spent the night in the shopping car park. lucky we really are resourcefull people and we pulled fingure and got the job done just in the nick of time...7hours later...
Then today we jumped on a streatch of the noth fork of the american for a cruisy class four streatch that was similar to the Rangitata back home, picked up supplies from wall mart, and then put on the most solid roof racks I've ever seen! Now you could call our vehicle that at the start somewhat resembled a soccer mom vehicle to a pimped out kayakers wagon ready to be thrashed!

NOW we can finally focus on kayaking!!

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