15 July 2010

Kaweah goodness on the good side of good.. high

The last week has been action packed. After Dinkey we rallied down to Sequoia National Park and to the Kaweahs! Turns out they were a little high but we thought we would give them a nudge any way and the results were awesome! We put in a little lower from the normal put in for the East fork of the Kaweah because none of us had been there before, we had spent too much time at the bakery, and the beta that we had made this sound like the better option. So with a blazing hot day and the flow of around 1200cfs, we put on just below "sky hook".

Me on the first drop of the day.."double drop". Photo - Jared Mitchel (or Boonga, plum bob, samoan, jerrad....)

From here it wasn't far to "tripple drop" which, because of the flow and lack of knowledge, this turned into the mother of all portages. Toni found a rattle snake, the rest of us encountering poison oak, and me getting furious at stupid biddi bidds... thanks dad for the hairy ass legs... never been so angry in my life!
Me on a sick little 10 footer. Photo - Boonga

Me on Sams friend.... Photo - The toakin Samoan

Not to sure what happened to him on this one but the drop lands on a slide, slide runs into ledge hole, Sam ends up all twisted, swims, gets thrown a rope, rope wraps around his neck luckily so he got pulled out quick as! Now it's his haha

Then from here we didn't really take many more photos but there was plenty more fun drops and slides and because of the high flow the last two miles of "manky" boulder gardens turned into choice as boulder gardens!

The next day we tried to rally a little faster, but it didn't really happen. It was ok though, rocking the power ballads we headed into the park and put on the Hospital Rock section of the Middle fork of the Kaweah. It doesn't get it's name hospital rock from some rock sending some fella to hospital, it's actually from a indian person helping a white person get healthy by this rock... therefore, hospital rock. Anyway, there was more poison oak on the trail down to the river so Toni and I decided a clean was in order...
Toni and I jumping, me landing on a rock... lucky for elbow pads. Photo - Plum bob

B running little Niagara. Photo - Boonga

Toni looking sharp.. way sharper than me anyway, I ended up in that little cave but managed to paddle my way out. Photo - Jerrad

Hospital rock goodness. Me at the end of something cool. Photo - Boonga just before he nearly tore himself a new one on a piece of re-bar...

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