8 August 2007

CPIT Level 6 Kayak

Here are a couple of pictures of the level 6 kayak crew on our week intensive over on the coast, we paddled the Murchison area then the Glennroy and Stix. The rivers were spectacular to paddle and the scenery just as good.
A great gauge for the Glennroy is the Rock on the upstream side of the bridge at the get out, if its just covered its premo flow.

Top rapid of the two main rapids on the Glennroy.

Bottem tear of the top rapid.


The team scouting and learing about the rapid.

The look into the distane by the CPIT level 6 kayak crew just before the Stix walk in.

Garry stomping one of the many awsome drops on the Stix.

Jamie dropping another of the awsome drops the Stix has to offer