30 July 2008

New Zealand Open '08'

Hey team, Sanga here. Me and Soph are down at the Burton open in Wanaka for the week so I thought I'd chuck a little update on here.
The reason we're here is through a company called High Cascade who do snowboard camps in the U.S and they're setting one up here in September. They have a deal with the dudes who run the open where they provide volunteers for the week and the open lets them put up a tent on site.
So for us this means we get a fully paid trip for seven days and get to watch the best riders in NZ throw down for the week. Burton has hooked us up with heaps of free stuff which is mint and we get a vip pass to all the gigs and after parties.

Our week so far has been sick! (if not completely tiring). We have to be on the mountain at six am which is pretty savage but we get a sweet brekkie. Then we set up all the sponsor banners on the pipe and slopestyle. We usually get a break to go riding, then we have to marshall the events for the day. All the big dogs turned up today for the slopestyle and some of the stuff they were doing is freakish (backside rodeo 5's and corked nines mup!!).

We rocked out at the opening party last night so its been a haul and we're pretty much living on coffee and red bull (there's like cases of it just lying around all over the show). Tonight we're going to the movie premiere for the new Burton movie and tomorrow the proper partying starts....

The net is rubbish here so i cant get pics but will get some on later. Peace.

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