29 October 2008

Upper Waiau

Labour weekend came and so did the paddling. Finally the Upper Waiau was accessible. The newest section of national park in the country meant that there was no secret squirrel operations, the Upper Waiau was good to go!

It all started off with rule number two: always take your time. This meant that we didn't leave the city until late and didn't get to the trail head until even later! At 1am we set up camp and readied ourselves for what was to be an epic weekend.

Here are just a few photos of one of Canterbury's less run runs. Turns out it was well worth the effort even though it did snow, we miss placed two of our crew for a few hours and one member did end up with mild hypothermia. They are late but that's all g..

Coop following rule number 1. Always keeping a positive attitude!

At the top of the pass looking down on the Waiau Valley

The end of the float and the start of the class 3

Our first class resort

Even with some snow it was still good enough to not want to get out of bed in any hurry

The last time we were to see the two girls for a few hours while they portaged one of the coolest sections and then some!

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