17 July 2014

Back to Cali!

After over 7000 miles (11200Km) of driving, 26 trail heads, 100's of miles of single track, and a couple of hikes, we made it back to the sunshine state. After thinking it was a good idea to drive 5 hours out of the way to ride a trail called Tish Tang (Way to hot and over grown, I don't want to talk about it), we had one final stop, the town where Nicole learnt to mountain bike, Chico. Nicole was pretty stoked to show me this track that there was a race on called the Bidwell Bump, it was easily hitting 107 degrees in the afternoon so we started nice and early. Not early enough. I got my ass kicked my the heat once again. At least this trail was fun.
Going up north rim I thought I would pass out in the heat, then there was a fun descent.
I got to stand in the river to cool off just like a dog. 

Got my ass kicked but pretended to be happy going up the aptly named "Fire Road of Death", and then it was all fun from there. We headed down the south rim on a track named Guardians which was fast and had some sweet technical rocky bits to fly over and then it was time to sit in the river again like a dog.

This was the last ride of the 6 week roady, but we still had one more sweet adventure to a gangsta swimming hole on the Feather River near a place called paradise.

 There were some super deep pools.

On the walk out we got to float down this old flume which was a little sketchy with the rust but fun as hell.

And that was that. The end of a very cool road trip. 

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