21 April 2015

Not so far south but still pretty south in Argentina

 Off the Ocean Nova and into the hills for some R & R. And if you're thinking that that's not an Argentine flag then you're right. On our way back from the Antarctic Peninsular we had to do some loading of provisions and swapping of staff and we had an afternoon when we were set free to go stretch the legs. Pretty sure that we walked up to Cerro Bandera where we found this giant Chilean flag just so that we wouldn't forget where we were. Good walk that is in one of the most southern inhabited places on earth (southern most town anyway, Puerto Williams).
 Me just really excited to be able to wear shorts!

Most of the expedition staff plus the cheff, hotel manager and doctor.

After that it was back on the boat to Ushuaia where we had a final send off and then headed for the hills once again. Because I had Nicole with me I really wanted to show her a place we went while we were stranded in Ushuaia a few months prior to try spot a beaver or two. This is where the idea to camp at the beaver dam above Lago Esmeralda came from. So off we went.

 Way too cold for shorts but at the time it was a good idea.

 Camp was sweet. No one around, just beavers! Also much to Nicole's disgust, we only had one (very light) sleeping bag and one very small sleeping mat. That was a cold night!

 Beaver swimming... That's all they really did for us.
 Pretty cool waterfall out there or Cascada.. depends on whether or not you speak spanicho.

Ushuaia is Fin del mondo for sure with it's terrible internet, beautifully harsh landscapes, cold and unpredictable weather, and isolation. But it's worth the effort with a pretty reasonable taxi in any direction you can find some sweet spots to go on an adventure. Perhaps next time I'll actually be able to speak a little EspaƱol!

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