19 June 2015

It's business time!

New Zealand Mountain Biking Guided Tours
 I have been throwing the idea around for a few years now of starting my own business. For at least the last 5 years customers on tours that I have been taking have been asking, "So when will you start your own business?" and I always replied with, "When I have some time up my sleeve." That time is now.
Guided mountain Biking Timber Trail. New Zealand Mountain Biking
I moved to Idaho Springs in Colorado for the summer while my girlfriend got some work on Clear Creek as a River Guide and being a Kiwi with no work permit, I have been forced to just go mountain biking and kayaking. That wasn't quite enough for me so I started playing with the idea of running some tours for the up coming season in New Zealand, wrote a business plan, and a few months down the line the next thing I know I have a full blown company with the ability to run tours. Jackpot!
The company is called New Zealand Mountain Biking and will begin by specializing in North Island tours that are fully guided and take small groups around the Central North Island for five days.

New Zealand Mountain Biking. Native forest. Rotorua.
It is starting off as a pretty small operation and I have taken Ideas from all of the different companies that I have worked at over the years to build something that I am proud to run. With 7 tours scheduled this up coming season it will still give me time to head down to Antarctica to run the sea kayaking program for a few months and maybe still do some hiking and rafting and kayaking. But it shouldn't be overwhelmingly busy which appeals to me.
Kaimanawa Mountain Biking. New Zealand Mountain Biking
Anyway, check it out, and if you know anyone who would be interested in going or interested in selling trips, give me a shout!


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