19 November 2007

Lower Ngaruroro - Longest Day Ever

Hey crew, it has been flat out for us up in the Bay (and yes it is THE Bay RJ). The first weekend we arrived everyone was fevered to get on the water and so with Jamie and Butters having been here a grand total of eight hours we were off to rock the Ruakituri (a casual three hour drive). Alas it was not to be as there was a key element missing - namely water, and the river was mostly one big death sieve;
Three hours and a dozen Tuis later a disgruntled team got back to Havelock and decided to do the lower Ngaruroro on the Sunday. The Guidebook said eight hours but because we were under the influence we talked ourselves into the idea that it would only take six.......

Jamie having a shower
(The shower head was a bit high)
We made it onto the water by lunchtime and were in high spirits (except for Butters cos he was being punished by the alcohol gods), five hours, some fun grade two, and some sweet chicken sammies later we were still in high spirits and had reached the start of the lower gorge or barricade section.

J Dog on his rock

There were some cool Grade three - three plus rapids which with more water would nudge four. We had heaps of fun on them and were out of the gorge by six at night - Has anyone guessed whats next yet?

Sanga in the midst

J Dog gettin his boof on

Butters on the crux - ish bit (the Barricade rapid)

... Eight hours and 39kms later

Yup we should have listened to Graham, turns out there was still a two and a half hour flat, braided paddle out. After a slight episode of going mental (why would anyone do longboating) we finally made the take out just before our ride left us to find our own way home.

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