7 November 2007

Te Oka Bay

On Monday the 5th of November we had our last class trip for the year. We went to Te Oka bay on the southern side of Banks Peninsula for three days for our environmental values paper. Basically we just hung out at a cool hut and did some presentations about what we thought the world will be like in 2020.

Beach art (Yeah Boi!)

Interspersed between presentations were spells of mafia (a mean game) eeling (caught one - saw heaps), surfing (by the kayak crew) and bouldering (by Grafton st hooligans). Te Oka bay is only a couple over from Magnets so we were in a prime location for surfing and full advantage was taken with a couple of cheeky surf sessions.

The things you do when there is no Tv/phone reception/bebo (Dave)

We had a sweet pot luck dinner on tuesday night and most people ended up with a very eclectic mix on their plates (curry and eel anyone?).

Pot luck

Surfing at Magnets

More pot luck

J dog throwing an airscrew - yeah!

Butters in the thick of it

All in all it was a cool way to round up (almost) our year, court session anyone?.....

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