1 June 2010

Devils canyon

The name sounds way worse than it really was... apart from the heinous time we had trying to get the motivation to get going to the actual river (thanks to the Coloma Club...). But eventually we made it putting on rather late in the day trying to catch up with some friends, we made it to them with a nice welcoming fire just on dark as we were all getting shitty at the rocks that we could no longer see.

Apart from that day, the trip was super fun with a massive crew of 9, a lot of amazing scenery, sunshine, and the funny times that was the bromance of Barn and Jordy. This was our multi day for the season to so we also re-learnt the fact that if you dont have to hike your boat in it is key to take LOTS of food! Then there was the white water, which had been described as amazing, and it really was. Not for the fact that it was super hard, steep or scary, but because it was soo fun. There was just lots of super fun big class 4 maybe a couple of 5 rapids which was enough to keep you on your toes, and good for soaking up the company and scenery and watch beatdown/ unintentional rodeo in our sacked out boats! We also came to the conclusion that the mystic could do with some extra volume!!

This is definitely one to do again when we have an extra couple of days because it runs for such a long time and is such good value. We caught it on the rise... which means that there will be some even better stuff on its way in. But our next mission is to Vail in Colorado to watch the big kids race and experience a house of about 17 kiwis for 5 days.. yea dog!!!

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