29 May 2010

Upper Middle Consumnes

It's another one of those creeks with a super imaginative name that meets another river with a similar name that has a bunch of other creeks that are in the same area with names that are similar... but we are in America where all sorts of strange things occur. A good example of this is our we excursion on this particular creek. we had done it earlier in the week with a smaller crew, but because we liked it so much we went back in, with twice as many people and more carnage than you could shake a stick at!

The first time we ventured in we had a little trouble finding the put in and had our first run in with poison oak... turns out this time we win because no one came out in a terrible rash!

Us looking lost on the way down to the river after bumping our way down a shitty little side creek

"Sanga the Banga" on one of the many choice drops.. we refer to this one "the double drop"
Photo - Barny the bullfrog young

Me with my game face dropping into skate park
Photo - Barny the bullfrog

Me on the second time in there on another one of the sweet drops

one of the last bigger slides that claimed to victims yesterday
- bullfrog

This run is one of our favorites so far, definitely up there with South branch! This run has lots of good drops, slides, boulder gardens with only 2 or 3 portages. Yesterdays rain made those pretty hazardous along the nice and slippery granite.. Yesterday we were reminded how shit can go down as the carnage unfolded for some. By the end of the run we had 5 swims, 1 broken boat, 1 broken paddle, and to top it off snow on our cars when we went back for the shuttle. But for me it was one of the best days yet if we can get the booty skulls out of the way and forget about the fact that its supposed to be summer! Better luck next time

The flow came in again which means we now have done this sick run 3 times, but still had an epic. This time on V-slide Josh ran guts with a less that enjoyable outcome. He went super deep and got dumped on a rock with his head and shoulder taking the hit, so we had to nurse the poor fella down the last section of the run. The other crew who put on around the same time also had a member who did his shoulder on a different drop.

me on no lookee

me on cesspit (we make our own names up)

Sanga on no lookee

Us waiting at the take out for some dry clothes after another epic day on UMC

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