11 May 2010

back in the north

After about 30 hours of travel we finally made it to Northern California! It just so happens that that was my birthday for that whole time and also cinco de mayo which is a mexican holiday so... Tequila time! The next day our body clocks were all over the show and no one really woke until about 2pm, but that's fine because not far down the road from where we were staying was a sweet run on the South Yuba called 49 to bridgeport. All we knew about it was that it was about an hour or so long... turns out it was just under 2 hours of nearly constant 4+ rapids with both a creeky and big water feel. Similar to the Whitcome back home.
So after this delicious intro to Cali for the boys we spent a day doing boring stuff to get our old van "mum" going and then it was off to the South Branch of the Middle Fork of the Feather!!
Because our car still needed some work we car pooled and all piled into Justins truck. When we turned up to the put in our gage (a rock) was just covered with water so the flow should be just above perfect, and it was!
Tayler on the first clean 20 footer

Sanga lovin it as he fires off Tony Hawk!

Tayler flying of pressure 20.. it gets the name because it runs straight into a 40 footer just down stream...

Jared sacking up and running his biggest drop to date right before the take out

The boys at the end having a snack before the heinous hike out back up to the road.

Here for three days and already hitting the shit! I've got a feeling this is going to be a wicked season!