21 May 2010

The Yuba Train

Runs are starting to come in left, right, and center around here as we get in the groove of chasing the water. Today's run of choice was Pertons to Bridgeport on the South Yuba. From where we have been living there is 49 to bridgeport that we have adopted as our local run. As the flow has increased it opened up the section above it which is an extra 4 miles that starts off as a little class 4 then 5 and the pace doesn't let up until you get down to the put in for our usual at the highway 49 bridge. This is where the freight train of 10 rolling with the class 5 bomb ended and we hooked up with an extra 3 kiwis... it's funny the places you run into people!
From here we had the pleasure of taking Barny and Jordan on their first run in California! We took this section a little slower much to my liking and had some fun with a bit of a team kiwi goin on.
All in all a mean day, moving to fast to get any pictures, and now I feel like a broken little man..

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