20 May 2010

Canyon Creek

Well it's been a little quiet here over the past few days because we have been trying to fix mum, our car. She had a terrible shudder that we managed to diagnose and fix! So now we are fully operational again and can go where ever there is water when ever we want!

We had word of this little creek that was running that usually only flows for about 1 day per year because it is damed, but this year they were doing some tests which meant that it had a few days in her! Whilst fart arsing around trying to find the tools and a place to fix our car we missed one trip that was going up here but because we are so good, we managed to replace the CV's the next day and hit that!

Turns out it wasn't as classic as we were expecting but it was still a super choice run with planty of nice moves and some pretty tight lines...

Here is a couple photos but for the most part we were to excited about what was around the corner and annoyed at the rain to take many at all.

Me on one of the bigger ones.. super fun and fast ramp!

Jared near the end of it

There has been more boating but not more photos... yesterday we also got on Pauly Creek which I did last year and remembered as being super cool but this time the flow was a little lower and the most fun about it was watching the carnage of some dudes that were on the river that day to. We also noticed on the drive that on the North Yuba there was a good looking gorge so we extended the run a bit and it turned out that that was the highlight of the trip with some burly class 4+ ish?? water with some choice moves and big holes!!!

looking forward to the next mish!

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