19 June 2009

West Cherry Paradise!

The even better stuff is finally coming in! After one and a half months of chasing water the cream of the crop are dropping in. After spending four days in Roseville partying, swimming, hot-tubbing, we made our way away from one paradise to another! West Cherry Creek! Everybody talks highly about this run and they have good reason to. For three hours of walking along a pretty cruisy track and down a bitch of a hill into one of the most amazing places that I have ever been. The scenery is amazing with veiws from the very gutter of the valleys up the bare granite walls.

Getting there wasn't the easiest though, it definitely took its toll on the car. Waiting at the take out for a few mates that we wern't sure were going to turn up we saw another mate so we followed them up to the put in. Only catch was that we were in the caravan and they were in a BIG Tundra hauling ass! With Berno behind the wheel of Mum we to were hauling ass up a crappy gravel/ sealed-in-patches road just to try and keep up (doing a mighty job may I add). About a mile from the road end we felt the old girl bottom out but for once it wasn't the suspention... We kept hauling ass all the way to the road end and met the others stoaked to have kept up when dun dun dunnn some one notices oil running from the bottom of the car. That hit we took... was the sump and split that sucker! With the excitement of what was in store for the next few days we put Mum's problems into the back of our minds and hit the river!

For this one I'll let the photos speak for themselves. Unfortunately the trusty battery ran out on the first drop of day two which is not ideal. But here's what we got!

At the top of the walk over looking the river

Joshy on one of the tight little gorges

Berno sliding away

Butters chillin

Joshy lining it up between the goal posts on the double drop

Berno about to fly off the ramp

Me on the last rapid of the day.

Butters and Berno 1-2ing it!

Day two was sweet with some big slides, drops, and the confluence with Upper Cherry containing some big ass water to help us fly down the slides, off drops and scare the pants off ourselves!

Now its just the waiting game for Upper Cherry before everyone starts to leave next week otherwise we will be looking into round two on West Cherry because it was that good!!

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