3 June 2009

South Silver

Three days of goodness! The crew is finally feeling the pinch in our wallets so we decided to go and camp for a few days to stop us from buying that good old fast food. Best idea ever! We had been waiting for South Silver to come in for a while and when it did it was all on. After getting lost in the van on crazy logging/ 4WD tracks we found the put in and set up camp. Luxurious as always with the car seats pulled out to lounge around in and copious amounts of firewood every where you look!

Then the next morning it was time for some fun. We had heard that there was a lot of rapids so we had expected the run to take at least an hour, but once we were on it only took us 15 min to get to one of the most impressive fun fast rapids that we have come across so far.

In the days to follow we got the right idea and just lapped up the sections getting some sick photos and making some interesting lines. And just for Butters there was some party boating and racing was on!

Here is the pick of over 1200 photos that were taken over the 3 days. Enjoy!
Race time with Berno out front and Me and Joshey fighting it out at the back

Berno on rapid #2

Butters and myself doubling up on the tea cups

Josh and Bern doubling up

Freewheel central

Josh on Sky Scraper

Me dropping into Sky Scraper

Getting some sweet air on Off ramp

The team at the bottom of Plastic Surgery

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Ryan said...

Sick stuff guys, looks like your all firing up big time. Kaitunas pretty sick too, theres this cool massive waterfall on it, not many people dare attempt it.