12 June 2009

Fantasy Falls

Fantasy Falls is on the Mokalume River and runs through the Mokalume Wilderness Area down to Salt Springs reservoir. We started out with a solid crew of 7 and after the first day the team had nearly halved with only 4 remaining after 3 decided the going was too tough and hiked out.

With no one on the team who had been in before we were in for a real adventure! Turns out that this was a bit of a test piece for the crew, getting us ready for other high Sierra runs. Not wanting to waste time and trying to keep moving we didn't get many photos. Amoungst the the mank and portarging of the first two days there were plenty of treats, copious amounts of the most amazing scenery, and story's that we'd heard of the last day being off the hook. This is what kept us going. The storys were true and the last days was stunning! Packed with miles of read and run, rapids to scare the pants off ya, and a few big drops to huck!

The last gorge before camp on day one

Camp at the end of day one

Josh dropping off of the Mushroom

Joshy in the midst of the infamous Fantasy Falls

Me on the second drop of Fantasy

Butters and I carrying on down the miles of read and run

Me on just another one of the many rapids with big holes waiting at the bottom

Berno entering 'the thing'

Butters doing the best with one of Josh's 'sweet' lines

The kind Morman folk who saved us braking ourselves on the paddle accross the lake into the wind at the end of the trip.. life savers! No sea kayaking for us on this one..

Over all the trip was fantastic. The good memories far out weigh the ball busting portages, we were a little gutted that we didn't see any bears although Josh did have a very close encounter with a rattle snake! With some sore bodies, its time for a rest day before sussing some flows for the Cherry's.

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Anonymous said...

Bro, just found your blog, looks like awesome fun, keep charging! im as envious as a monkey with no bananas!

Ben Robson