20 October 2015

Haida Gwaii

This year I had some friends do a sea kayaking trip around Morsby Island which is one of the large islands that makes up Haida Gwaii. Before hearing their stories I never had any idea that the place exited, and that's no surprise due to its remote location.

Not long after arriving in BC I agreed on going on a trip up to this remote area if a bunch of things fell into place.. This loose plan eventually evolved and ended up being a great 13 day trip to finish of my summer season in Canada. 

Getting into the coastal mountains on the drive north.

Talking to people about the loose plan lots of people had heard of and wanted to go but had never made the mission and it is no wonder why. The 1600km drive followed by an 8 hour ferry ride to get to a place that is renowned to be very rainy doesn't really sound all that appealing. Still, we thought it was worth it.

An amazing day as we left Prince Rupert on the ferry way out west.

Couldn't not go on the bridge! 

The start of the East beach walk.

Our main goals while we were out these ways was to go and visit an ancient Haida village (failed that) and to walk the East Beach of Graham Island (70+km of sandy beach). We were keeping our eyes on the weather and decided to head straight to Tlell to start out on the longest beach walk of my life. You could tell it rained a ton up there because of all of the bright green moss blanketing everything!

 The Pesuta which got beached as way back in 1928


With over 80km of sandy beach it was pretty cool watching the weather come and go as you watched in the distance as Rose Spit (the north most point of the beach) get ever so slowly closer and closer.

Emmalee with a Dogfish (little shark)

We found all sorts of weird stuff all over the beach. Sharks, old fishing equipment, heaps of plastic from the tsunami that hit Japan and much much more.

Tree graveyard 

Camp 2 after a day walking along the bottom of the sea cliffs.

Pretty funny how you could see for miles where the weather was coming from and there would still be random squalls come through and catch us out..

Pretty cool how the weather shaped the landscape and trees.

Our final morning was glorious and then of course it turned to rain.

We set a crab trap at high tide like a rookie and came back in the morning to find it high and dry!

The walk out via the Cape Fiefe Trail was again blanketed with moss and had really black pools everywhere due to all the tannins in the water.

A cool canoe we strolled upon in Masset

We made it back to civilisation. The town of Masset is right up the top of the island and from here we hitch hiked back down to the car. Of course it started raining as soon as we finished the walk.

Rennal Sound

We drove in to Rennal Sound to find no one else in the campsite, salmon in the stream and a seal at the mouth catching a feed as they started running. This was a sweet place to just chill for a couple of days and just do nothing!

Agate Beach

Beautiful BC weather. We went for a walk out to Toe Hill before Retiring to the beachfront tent site.

 Out for a rip

Rather then walking to Rose Spit we decided to drive. We didn't quite make it right to the end because we wanted to get back before the tide got us..

 Emmalee getting a shower from the blowhole

Secret Cove

We spent the last couple of days just driving old logging roads around finding cool spots like Secret Cove and Grey Bay. It was great being based in a house in Sandspit to relax before we cruised all the way back to Vancouver. 

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