21 October 2015

The Journey to Antarctica - Mike, Pablo and Jamie driving Patagonia

This year I was presented the opportunity to drive from Santiago to Punta Arenas with two guys (Mike Hann from Canada and Pablo Zentano from Chile) I work with down in Antarctica. We have a couple of weeks and we will be driving from Santiago across to Mendoza before heading south through Argentinian Patagonia.We are doing this on our way to Punta Arenas to meet with the rest of our workmates before getting on the ship to Antarctica. The total distance we will cover over the next few months is just over 5,700km and we will be crossing the Antarctic Circle in January on the Ocean Nova.

We have no real plan on our way down, just a whole lot of ideas. The two trips that I have done in the past has only been in the far south from Ushuaia to El Chalten and to Torres del Paine so I am excited to see much more of this part of the world.

Watch this space, it's going to be quite the adventure!

Doing what I do on the Antarctic Peninsular taking people sea kayaking in one of the most amazing places on the planet.

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