29 June 2014

A different pace through Glacier NP. Walk walk walk

We finally made it to the farthest most northern point of the trip right up by the Canadian boarder and stashed the bikes in the car and donned our packs to go for a walk. Being pretty ignorant about the whole bear thing I felt a little foolish but very happy with some of our decisions in preparation for our little walk. I didn't really realize that grizzly bears actually do exist and hikers actually do have encounters with them. Then you start seeing these on the trail just to remind you that there is either someone toying with you or there actually are bears..

So the adventure began with a backpack full of delicious bacon and eggs, fresh veges etc etc so that we could make any other hikers jealous of our menu… turns out we started getting a little nervous making our bagels on the track when we were spreading aromas where we had seen bear shit and prints. We could only hope that they were just from Black Bears (the cute cuddly looking ones).

Anyway, on our merry way we went.

There were a heap of these caterpillars that kept latching on to my legs..


It was pretty sweet walking. Easy, nice temp, didn't see anyone else from the trailhead until we were about a mile from our camp at Glenn Lake head. And they were looking very un easy and they had very good reason to. We just came round the corner and were all happy and what not being close to camp, said what up and normal small talk, then we asked what they were doing. Turns out they were in the middle of an encounter of their own with a real Grizzly. They had just had one huff one snort at them, had backed up and thats where we found them. They were happy as to see us because we could help make noise and safety in numbers etc. So we waited a few more minutes, with bear spray and cameras in hand, clapping and making a bunch of noise we continued to camp. I was sad but happy that all of our noise made the poor bear bugger off. 

We arrived at camp, it started raining, so it was off to bed.

Obviously camp.

 The next day we left camp and went for a day hike up to Mokowanis Lake which was more like a party walk. Because of the events that went down the day before we just had loud music playing so that the two of us wouldn't surprise any more bears. All that aside, it was beautiful. The mountains are cool colors so in the lakes and streams the rocks are pretty reds, greens, blues, and purple. 

 All red.

Multi color!

There were views like this all around. It was pretty easy to take photos because in all directions there were mountains like this! 
And on our way to this lake we ran into a couple of ladies that told us about this waterfall. Not bad.

This is about as far as we got. This big patch of snow was from an avalanche or something because it was full of these ripped-to-pieces trees.

This was the view downstream where we had come from.

Mokowanis Lake.

The next morning it was raining, intact, the whole day it rained. We packed up, got visited by a wee family of deer and then we left. 


The family.

 On to Olympic NP, the adventure continues...

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