21 June 2014

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. So fun!

We arrived in Jackson, were invited in for a cup of tea with Mick and the family and then it was off to the pub for a beer, dinner and a catch up. It was decided that I must go kayaking while in town because it's the time for it and discussed some options for riding. 
Next day we tried to go for a big loop, got lost, did a small loop and had an amazing time on a trail called put put, went kayaking and was exhausted.  I had to admit to Nicole that for cross country I was actually having a bloody good time. Whats gotten into me? 
Next day we planned on some touristy town stuff and some downhill/ free ride kind of stuff. Couldn't go wrong there...
 This sign says it all. Top of the Teton Pass and we are in a pull-out that is so easy to just shuttle yourself, we had Liam who was our shuttle driver/ photographer. Even though we had so much going for us, we never could have guessed how fun it would be just around the corner!

First 10m into the track they call Jimmy's Mom (she must have been super hot or something) was this thing. Step up to drop off. JACKPOT!!

 Nicole was killin it to. They were pretty progressive trails with an easier option for all of the big features it gave options for what you did and didn't want to bite off. 

 And it was damn pretty up there! Wild flowers galore. 

 Every now and then the trail just led you into the sweetest jump lines to. 

 This is the same jump as the shot above. 
 And then this is the next one. We need this shit at home, or maybe I was never that happy to be hitting them.
 First road gap. Again, the trail just sucks you in so you could just trust that you already had the speed. Way easier than getting to it, having a look, realizing its massive and walking back up to guess the speed and trying it with your tail between your legs. Just give her!

 More jumps on Parallel.

 Sick ass berms.

 Floaty cliff drop thing. Again, the trail just sucked me in.

 Nicole was never far behind. Some of the jumps weren't her cup of tea but as soon as there was a techy bit or just a drop she was all over it.

 Playing chase

Pretty sure she is making motorbike noises as she boosts over this one. Everyone knows doing that makes you go faster!

If you made it this far you would have noticed that there was a helmet cam involved. Maybe one of these days there will be a hero video. Never know, if the riding keeps improving on itself like this I might have to try my own sick edit..

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