7 June 2014

And so it begins

So far there has been over 1200 miles driven in 4 days. We have hit up Las Vegas and seen the half naked circus, ridden at Bootleg Canyon for my virgin run with clips (might be why I thought it was the roughest rock I've ever seen), driven over the Hoover Dam, poached walking tracks at the top of the Grand Canyon, and ridden about 35 miles amongst some sweet sandstone in Utah. That's not a bad amount of activities. Enjoy the photos.

Bootleg Canyon riding with Las Vegas in the background

Rock rock cock!

Grand poaching.. Seems like hardly anyone walked it anyway.

You can see why its called the grand canyon. Pretty fucken beautiful!

 Cheese and crackers at sunset

 And then back to the reality of being on the mission.. Bagels in the boot of a car!

Slick rock..  actually really bumpy rock.

Fun as hell though!

 Hella slick views to.

And skate park style bowls!

Top of Hazards county, super fun start to "the whole enchilada". Single track heaven!

 Castle Valley

 Snapped my goddamn de-railer cable again 

And then straight into this that everyone seems to walk… pussys.

Which leads into this ^ 
which is more amazing ledgy droppy single track, but by now it's 97 degrees!

All the way home.

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