28 June 2014

Grand Teton to Yellowstone to Glacier.

Call me a national park whore but in the last week we did the fly by through three from Wyoming through to Montana. After leaving Jackson we made our way up to Glacier National Park via Yellowstone. Coming from Rotorua, where there is a lot of geothermal stuff going on, Yellowstone's main attraction was surely to be the wildlife… It is pretty cool that it is a very intact ecosystem and all but there are soooo many people there and of course as soon as people see something (from their car) there are rangers trying to keep people away so that the poor animal has its space(and it doesn't cause a massive traffic jam).
All that said, there are some beautiful mineral pools and some awesome terraces plus a few amazing waterfalls… and wildlife.
The Grand Tetons.

 Pretty pool.


 Lower Yellowstone Falls.

 Dead trees from the geothermalness.

 Cheeky Marmot.

 Silica depositing like it does.

 All those sorry people waiting and watching for old faithful.. turns out it was late and the geyser in the background was way more impressive.




 Mallard Lake where we camped. Pretty.


 Black Bear.

 Mammoth Springs. Pretty

Our camp.

 And then we started heading for Glacier through some stormy weather..

And shit got even prettier!

Into the bear (Grizzly) country

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