10 June 2014

Utah to Colorado with a busted up bike

I don't know if the riding is getting better or the fact that we are just getting used to the different style. After doing a sweet 20 whatever mile down hill we headed to Arches National Park and we could see from Delicate Arch the point that we started the ride in the the morning on the Hazards County section of Porcupine ridge which was quite choice. 

Some excellent photography and artisticness.

Wake up, make some coffee, motivate to ride before it gets too HOT!

We had one more trail that our friend had told us was a must do in Moab so of course we had to check it out. Early bird definitely gets the worm here. With out actually doing too much research we headed to a trail called "Captain Ahab". Turns out they weren't wrong. The trail was rocky, techy, steep, flowy, and had amazing views.

Climb.. some of it was no worries to ride

and some of it was just a little too much

Once we got to the top is where the fun began. It started off pretty flat and then it got faster and had a bunch of ledgy drops like this.


And super clean

Unfortunately this trail and the combination of my bike and I seemed to disagree a little bit. Somewhere in there whilst fanging it I snapped the bolt that goes through the top of the shock and warped the shit out of my linkages. Sad sad face..

This is what it looked like. 

When we got to Fruita I took it in to the bike shop to see if it was worth saving and everyone in there was quite amazed at what I had done without exploding myself. When we took it apart it was not as bad as expected and the mechanic they call the Wizard worked his magic and magiced it all back together for me and back to the trails we went.

Zipity doo dah.. amazing

The bike went well through swoopy corners so the next logical thing to do is rocky stuff again right?

Testing out the jimmy rigged suspension on the entry (portage) to "Horse Thief Bench". 

Reminded me of kayaking. Can't see the bottom, get off, have a scout of the line, then decide if you want to run that line or walk. I just wanted to see if the wizard really was as good as they said, turns out he knows his shit!

Next on the list is Durango, CO.

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