3 June 2014

USA Roadie… Time to do some skids!

Made it back to summer! Here we are on the central coast of sunny California in what is supposed to be spring, we are already hitting 100 degree days.. This makes us nervous for what is in store because we are about to embark on a 4,500 mile road trip ticking off 8 states, if all goes well, riding in each of them. So far in the two weeks we have been here getting organized and having some valuable family time. Nicole has shown me a couple of her local spots, introduced me to pistols, and we also went for a mini trip up to Santa Cruz. 
So far the riding has been super fun. It has already been hot and I have been reminded that I'm not in NZ any more and there are things here that want to harm me. Poison Oak. Luckily so far we have both been oak-resistant! In the area there has been every thing from open flowy tracks to tight, steep, rocky, oaky excitement. As this is just a warm up for what is to come, we have taken next to no photos but here are a few to show the area.
The top of our first climb, Madonna Mountain, San Luis Obispo. This was a pretty fun intro to junky rocks! Don't crash!

Soaking up the sweet view (Of Moro Bay) from the top of Mt Hazard at Montana De Oro.

Shooting Guns!

 "The Euks" in SLO

As we headed up Hwy 1 we stopped off and said "what up" to some Northern Elephant Seals. These guys are massive getting up to 2.3 Tonnes..

 Mc Way waterfall

 Riding in Demo Forest, Santa Cruz. First time without rocks over here.

 Back yard pump track jam

Packing up at Campus, Santa Cruz. Super fun trails that kind of remind me of Rotorua.

And now it's time to pack the car, first stop Bootleg Canyon, NV.

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